/ f u t u r i s t e _ p r i m i t i f _ a u d i o

f̸ ̵u̴ ̷t̵ ̶u̷ ̴r̸ ̵i̵ ̵s̸ ̵t̴ ̶e̵ ̶ ̵ ̴p̸ ̷r̸ ̵i̸ ̵m̴ ̶i̴ ̵t̵ ̶i̷ ̸f̵ ̵ ̶ ̷a̴ ̶u̸ ̵d̷ ̴i̶ ̷o̶ ̸
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futuriste primitif audio is the musical output of biró marci
localised in shit city budapest, hungary
dilettant improviser, very bad audio engineer and all around stupid person
bands & projects


gonna be doing some noise with these fine men from the bp improv scene on wednesday.
there's a new free music oriented showcase (?) festival happening in the city called FESTIVAL OF ABNORMAL MUSIC, i'll be opening the fest with a bunch of fine people.
attila gyárfás - drums / nándi hevesi - bass / feri kovács royal - sax / yours truly - noise
theres a bunch of other cool shit happening throughout the fest, so get your shit together and get learnt!!

later this year i'll be playing with two bands at the shitshow called KOLORÁDÓ FESTIVAL, outside budapest.
appearing at ISKOLA stage on 07.06. with PALÁNTA & CSICSKAKOPORSÓ.

ÁTTÉT is playing HARSHNOISEGRINDFESTA in zagreb, HR on 2024.05.04.!!
the bill is fucking sick, gonna be playing alongside SEDEM MINÚT STRACHU after like 6 years finally!!

playing with NORMS at GÓLYA tomorrow for my buddy Áron's record release show.
next we're playing on 04.07. at kripta with INDUSTRY (de) and LEFT TO STARVE (cr)

a tour is also in the planning stage, we're playing at K-TOWN HARDCORE FEST this year. if you're reading this and know anyone who could help, drop me a line on my email.

06.10. | KUBIK, trnava SK
06.11. | KALERIE SAIGON, ostrave CZ
06.12. | OBERGESCHOSS HELL, berlin DE
06.13. | HAFENKLANG, hamburg DE
06.14. | K-TOWN HC FEST, copenhagen DK
06.17. | TBA, amsterdam NL
06.18. | DE PITS, kortrijk NL
06.19. | TBA, CH/FR
06.20. | ALTE POST, zürich CH
06.21. | PODRUM, rijeka HR

happy 303 day everyone.
im curating JAZZAJ's ZZZ series this march. jazzaj is an improv/free music/noise collective or agency or whatever in hungary, doing most of the improv scene shows over here.
03.06. fészek - PROTOPLASMA & CSIGA vs nartcore
03.13. nyolcésfél - "TÉR AKART LENNI" - an audiovisual, remote controlled ambient installation
03.20. fészek - fucking shit up with drums, then conducting a band of some sorts.

will be fun!

doing a small tour in berlin.

02.21. - sameheads
02.23. - PAS /// duo with PHOLO
02.26. - villa kuriosum /// duo with utku tavil

new DROGDED lp is out. it's called NOT AS PERMANENT AS THOUGHT.

happy new year folk. ÁTTÉT will play among RETORSION and BEROSSZULÁS this weekend at TILOS RADIO's Káoszkapitány kalandjai a szemlélődés ösvényén show at 20:00 CET.

NORMS will play live again at the LAHMACUN RADIO new years eve radio extravaganza at 19:30 CET.

a collab/split is finally out with GUERILLA GROWING. link

LiQUERLiCKERS' first EP out on bandcamp

playing as DROGDED again at UH FEST 2023 in budapest. fuck yes.

going to play SUPERNOISE 2023 this year in cph, denmark.